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  • Off-Payroll in the Private Sector - Guest Article by Ian Holloway

    Payroll professionals will have heard the words IR35 and off-payroll working, however, do they really know what they mean?  It is essential that they do, as these will be words that will be commonplace come 2020. IR35? For information,…

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  • The Smart Working Revolution - Guest Article by Ruth Gawthorpe

    Ever heard of the Smart Working Revolution? No? As the CEO of the Smart Working Revolution and a passionate advocate for making smart working work for everyone, I have been a huge advocate of this for many years. I first…

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  • The HR and Payroll Apprenticeships - Guest Article by Ian Holloway

    Many professions face a skills and resource crisis.  Employers struggle to find talent, as there is either not enough new blood up-and-coming or current training does not always give existing professionals the relevant knowledge, skills and behaviours.  Or,…

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  • Christmas Newsletter 2019

    Happy Christmas and welcome to the final Ashley Kate HR & Finance newsletter of 2019.  As we head towards Christmas how will we review 2019? Has it been a year of inconsistency due to uncertainty or a year of progress…

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  • Contractors and Employment Status - Understanding IR35 - Guest Article by Jenefer Livings

    In April 2020 changes are coming into force for medium and large companies regarding the way contractors are taxed. This guide considers these changes, focusing on defining “contractor” and making decisions around the employment relationship. Whilst a review was launched…

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  • Are Tattoos appropriate in the workplace or does it depend on where the tattoo is placed? - Article by Katie Barks

    We initially posted this question in June 2017 and I was curious to see how far along society has come in the last 3 years on this topic. Last week I created a Twitter poll asking ‘If you were an…

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  • Labour Market Update - February 2020

    UK employment rate reaches record high of 76.5% The UK employment rate was estimated at a record high of 5%, 0.6% higher than a year earlier and 0.4% up on the previous quarter, according to the latest…

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  • Immigration Update

    Immigration: what’s the point(s)? The Government has provided its initial policy guidance regarding the new Points Based System of immigration. This is set to be implemented in January 2021 and follows advice provided by the Migration Advisory Committee (“…

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  • Organisations get the HR that they deserve - Guest Article by Phil Marsland

    Last night I was eating goat and talking HR.  Mention of both stirs certain emotions and both leave a certain taste in the mouth – and it's not all good.  More about the goat burger later, but for now let’…

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  • Labour Market Report

    Employment rate remains at 76.5% The Office for National Statistics has released the latest employment figures for the three months between November 2019 and January 2020. The UK employment rate remains high at 5%; this is up 0.4%…

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