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Autumn 2018

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We are delighted to introduce you to the Ashley Kate HR & Finance Autumn Newsletter. As the nights draw in, it starts to feel like a time to reflect and plan for next year, yet there is still a quarter of 2018 to enjoy.

We, as many of you will be, are drawing up plans and budgets for next year, but with so much uncertainty politically and therefore economically, agility will obviously be critical. Many of our events have focused on the future and what this means for HR, and how to maximise the impact and success that HR can have.

When we had the opportunity to work with international speaker Chris Roebuck , we jumped at the chance. More on this and our other events later.

We hope you find this newsletter both useful and informative. If you would like to contribute to our 2019 edition, or be involved with our events or articles, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks,

The Ashley Kate HR & Finance Team

Head Office – 0115 9223000

Email –

Ashley Kate HR and Finance Events

Ashley Kate HR and Finance Events

HR Director Boardroom

HR Director Boardroom

HR Directors Boardroom – Ashley Kate HR & Finance are delighted to have kicked off their autumn series with Chris Roebuck and Karen Sanders. Both sessions focused on the future of the profession and how HR can increase the value it drives into our ever-changing businesses.  It was a great opportunity for our delegates to listen and question two very experienced HR Directors and speakers in their own right.

Summaries of these sessions will be available shortly and are well worth a read, not only to focus you on where HR, your employees and your organisations are heading, but they also include some great ideas for your HR teams to use in the here and now.

There are still two more HR Directors Boardrooms to come this year where our attention will be turned to maximising your success with transnational change, from two HRD’s who have a wealth of experience in this area.

Nottingham – Thursday 11th October – Caroline Foster, HR Director

Milton Keynes – Wednesday 12th December – David Morgan – International HR Director

Eversheds Employment Law updates

Eversheds Employment Law updates

November is all about our Employment Law updates, led by experts from Eversheds Sutherland (International) LLP. The mornings aim to cover as many updates, changes and current topics as possible and will include closing pay gaps, associative discrimination, employment status and the new ACAS guidance on religion and belief at work.

Birmingham – Thursday 8th November

Leeds – Thursday 15th November

London – Wednesday 21st November

In addition to leading and hosting our employment law updates Eversheds Sutherland (International) LLP provide a wealth of updates. Click here for their latest quarterly update.

Labour Market Statistics – An Overview

With the employment rate remaining at a near record high, we wanted to share with you the September update from the Office of National Statistics.

Unemployment down by over 1.1 million since 2010

The UK’s unemployment rate of 4.0% has not been lower since the 1970s and the employment rate remains at a near record high 75.5%Britain’s unemployment rate has not been lower since the mid-1970s, as official figures released by the Office for National Statistics show it’s fallen to 4.0%, with 1.15 million fewer unemployed people since 2010.

The UK saw a sixth continuous month of real terms pay increases, with regular wages up by 2.9% in July, or 0.5% against CPIH inflation.

Meanwhile the employment rate remains high, at 75.5%, with over 3.3 million more people in work since 2010 and youth unemployment at a record low, falling by over 45% since 2010.

1.45 million more children are living in a home with all adults in work, and the proportion of children living in a household with no working adults has fallen by 33% in the UK since 2010, reaching a record low and taking tens of thousands of children out of poverty.

The UK hasn’t had a lower unemployment rate for over 40 years and youth unemployment is at a record low, falling by over 45% since 2010 – opening up career opportunities for our next generation.

In the EU, we see unemployment rates over double those of the UK. This government is transforming this country into a great working nation. Ready and prepared for the future challenges after Brexit.

Minister of State for Employment Alok Sharma said:

With unemployment rate still at its lowest level in 43 years, it is good to see that for the sixth month in a row wages have grown faster than inflation helping to put more money in people’s pockets. In the last quarter regular pay is up by 2.9%, 0.5% above inflation.

Households across the country are benefiting from the security of being in work, and with increasing wages and GDP growth of 0.6% last quarter we are delivering an economy that supports working people.

We’ve taken millions out of paying income tax altogether, and by raising the National Living Wage have helped deliver the fastest pay rise for the lowest earners in 20 years.

Today’s figures also show:

  • older workers also continue to find work as the number of workers aged 50 and over is at a record high of 10.25 million
  • the female employment rate remains at a near record high at 71.0%
  • since 2010, the vast majority of jobs have been in full-time, permanent roles
  • since 2010, there has been an increase of 3.75 million in private sector jobs

Autumn Articles

  • How to handle your nerves on the podium or the pitch - Guest Article by Rupert Wesson How to handle your nerves on the podium or the pitch - Guest Article by Rupert Wesson

    How to handle your nerves on the podium or the pitch - Guest Article by Rupert Wesson

    With the World Cup firmly upon us, most England supporters will be well aware that, as the tournament enters the knockout stages, the chances of games being won...

  • Strength and Depth in the Ashley Kate Finance Team Strength and Depth in the Ashley Kate Finance Team

    Strength and Depth in the Ashley Kate Finance Team

    We had an exciting start to 2018 with the integration of our finance division into Ashley Kate and the creation of Ashley Kate HR and Finance. Therefore, we felt the...

  • Creating a Positive Workplace Culture Creating a Positive Workplace Culture

    Creating a Positive Workplace Culture

    Productivity is a buzzword on everyone’s lips but what’s changing is the way it’s being approached. The culture is finally moving beyond outmoded ideas about how...

  • Taxing times for pension savers - Guest Article by Mark Belchamber Taxing times for pension savers - Guest Article by Mark Belchamber

    Taxing times for pension savers - Guest Article by Mark Belchamber

    In 2017/18 the amount of income tax relief provided to pension savers by HMRC is estimated at around £40 billion[1]. That’s a lot of money! And about 50% of that...

Coming soon

Coming soon

Salary Survey

Salary Survey

We can’t believe that a year has passed since we asked for your help in providing information for our annual HR Salary Guide. Please keep an eye out for this in November, we really do appreciate your support in making this a vital tool for HR professionals to utilise within their businesses or to understand the current market.

Ashley Kate HR & Finance Alumni

Ashley Kate HR & Finance Alumni

We are delighted to announce the imminent launch of a very exclusive group of HR and Finance professionals by forming the Ashley Kate Alumni. We have, for the last 17 years, been in the fortunate position to support numerous individuals find new roles, indeed many we have supported throughout their careers, and we want to be to support these careers and offer exclusive benefits to this group – so watch this space!



We hope you found the last newsletter of 2018 informative and of benefit.

The next Ashley Kate HR & Finance Newsletter will be out in the New Year! If you would like to contribute, please email:

We look forward to working with you soon.

Kind regards,

The Ashley Kate HR & Finance Team

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