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  • Psychological Assessment – What are you scared of?

    One part of my role as a consultant, and a part I really love, is psychological assessment. I love it because I always find it amazing how differently people react to the results. The variation is incredible, the look on…

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  • Exciting new name and brand identity for leading Graduate recruiter

    Graduate recruiter of choice XL Graduate Placement has undergone a total brand review following its acquisition by talent management specialists Nicholas Associates Group in 2016. XL Graduate Placement is pleased to unveil its new name; Graduate Talent Solutions, which cements…

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  • What is this strange phenomenon we call Coaching?

    Coaching emphasizes the coachee’s relationship with all aspects of themselves – the cognitive, emotional, physical and behavioural selves. Coaching strives to engender self-knowledge allowing self-regulation of our thinking, feelings and actions, giving us the potential for self-mastery. (…

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  • Put Yourself Under The Spotlight! (Psychological Assessment)

    Who in their right mind would want to be assessed? Don’t we all know our strengths and areas for development, don’t we all know how others perceive us, how we behave, how we manage and lead, what our…

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  • 7 ways to manage exam stress

    Exam season is upon us so here are a few little tips to get you through to the other side! 1)Learn to recognise when you're stressing out. via GIPHY 2) Avoid comparing your abilities with your mates. via…

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  • The 10 Modes of ‘Virtual Team’ Working

    Are you joining the new wave of the 21st century virtual team? You might not be aware you are, but as communication channels grow online, we are less reliant on traditional office-based ways of working. Our work patterns are…

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  • Move from Office to Coffice!

    You may have heard the term ‘Coffice’ being flown around by lots of silicon-valley wannabes and hipster start-ups, but what do we mean by ‘Coffice’? Well hence the name, you may have guessed by now that a ‘Coffice’…

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  • The New Landscape of L&D: Virtual Reality

    Last year on a Business Trip to Amsterdam, I passed the world’s first Virtual Reality Cinema. Cool right? I must have passed this cinema, three or four times when at the end of the meeting my curiosity overcame me…

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  • Stafforce Bradford Moves to New Offices Following Rise in Demand

    We are excited to announce that Stafforce has moved its Bradford office to a new address, to keep up with rising demand from businesses across the city. The launch party took place on Friday 9th June and was attended by…

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  • What NOT to do during your interview

    As job opportunities open up, job interview blunders are going up avoid these mistakes at your next interview, some common and others just weird! Over familiar - Whilst it is important to be friendly, being over familiar may lead to giving…

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