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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need a profile?

We use the details from your profile to contact you, offer appropriate work to you and, more importantly, pay you for the work you do. If you don’t set this up, we may not be able to offer you as much work as you want and won’t be able to pay you.

How do I see my profile?

Use the Connect menu to access your profile using the “Profile” item. Here you can view and edit your details.

How do I get work?

When you first sign up, right after you complete your profile, you need to confirm your qualifications. Once we’ve reviewed and confirmed your submitted qualifications, we’ll be able to start offering you work where these qualifications are.

What are qualifications?

Different types of jobs often require different skills, accreditations, licenses, certifications or other prerequisites. We call all these things “competencies”. We know you have a given “competency”, perhaps lasting until a specific date when you have a confirmed “qualification” for it. The qualification optionally records when the “competency” is valid and may also require you to provide evidence that we can check.

How do I set my qualifications?

Use the Connect menu to access your list using the “Qualifications” item. If the qualification list is empty, scroll down and select the type of job you’re interested in and we will add the qualifications related to that job type. You can do this for each job type of interest. It’s then down to you to complete the details of each qualification before submitting for confirmation or to tell us you don’t have a given qualification.

Do I need to submit my qualifications?

Yes, make sure to add expiration dates or documentary evidence for those who need it, and submit each one to us in turn. If you don’t have a given qualification, just tell us – not all qualifications will always be needed for every job we have.

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