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The Ashley Kate HR TempZone is a secure and confidential environment for candidates to submit their timesheets and clients to authorise them. It is paper free, easy to use and ensures once completed your temps timesheet is sent directly to you to authorise and is then sent directly to Ashley Kate HR to pay your temporary worker

Quick TempZone User Guide

  1. Each week your temporary worker will complete their timesheet no later than 9am on a Monday, once completed you will receive an email notification (please do not reply to this as they are automatic/non reply emails)
  2. You will then be able to review the timesheet and check that the hours are correct. There is a box underneath the timesheet for you to add authorisation comments, then click the Accept or Contest button and the timesheet is submitted to Ashley Kate HR for processing and payment. Please complete this by 10am on a Monday morning.

Should you encounter any problems approving a timesheet please contact Luke Hinchley on 0845 413 3200 or email: