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The Ashley Kate HR TempZone is a secure and confidential environment for candidates to submit their timesheets and clients to authorise them. It is paper free, easy to use and ensures once completed your timesheet is sent directly to the client for them to authorise then directly to Ashley Kate HR to pay you.

Quick TempZone User Guide

  1. Each week you will receive an email informing you that there is a new timesheet to complete simply click on the link provided to access the timesheet.
  2. Then just enter the total number of hours worked for the morning and for the afternoon adding any overtime if relevant (start and finish times are not needed just total hours completed), the timesheet totals the hours for you and once completed simply hit the 'submit' button and your timesheet is sent to the 'client' for approval.

Time sheets need to be completed no later than 9am on a Monday morning you will usually receive the email informing you that there is a new timesheet to complete the Thursday/Friday prior.

Should you encounter any problems in submitting your timesheet please contact Luke Hinchley on 0845 413 3200 or email: luke.hinchley@ashleykatehr.com